What is RMCAD Renew?

Graduates of RMCAD’s BFA degree programs may audit (attend without grade or credit) most current course offerings (online or on campus) within their original degree program with no cost for tuition.

Policies and Eligibility

  • Alumni may take courses that start with their major’s course prefix. For example, Animation Alumni may take any course labeled with “AN”.
  • Alumni may take a Renew course in their home program’s area of specialization, including courses outside their original area of specialization. For example, a Fine Arts student who specialized in Sculpture may take a course in Fine Arts Photography.
  • Alumni are responsible for any tool kit, supplies, books, or software charges.
  • Auditing courses is subject to enrollment and space availability.
  • Alumni must be in good standing with the College, as detailed in the Admittance / Acceptance Policy in this Catalog.
  • Alumni may take courses on-ground or online, provided those courses are within their original degree program.
  • Alumni may not audit courses through Renew to complete work for professional purposes. Renew is for educational advancement only.
  • Alumni may audit 1 course per 8-week term through Renew, not to exceed 3 courses in any calendar year.
  • Alumni must meet same course requirements as an enrolled student, and adequate performance in Renew courses is required. Faculty reserve the right to request dismissal through the Department Chair or Dean if the enrolled Alumnus is not meeting course criteria including attendance and participation.
  • Alumni must purchase a RMCAD Alumni ID badge for the current cost. (If taking course on campus)


  1. Contact The Office of Career + Alumni Services to request course enrollment up to two weeks before session start date. Career + Alumni Services will provide you with the RMCAD Renew Registration From.
  2. Complete RMCAD Renew Registration form and submit to The Office of Career + Alumni Services.
  3. The Office of Career + Alumni Services will process the Renew Request with The Registrar’s Office. (**note: please be patient as it takes time to confirm course availability)
  4. Alumnus will then be notified if Renew course was approved or declined. Notification will include next steps to obtaining an alumni pass if taking course on campus, or steps to ensure they have access to the LMS.
Request your Transcripts
An official transcript is a printed record of every class that you have taken at RMCAD. It is sealed and stamped with the signature of our Registrar.

If you would like to pick up your transcript in person you will need to bring a photo ID as transcripts can only be released to the person whose name appears on the transcript. Transcripts are available for pickup at the front desk during normal business hours.

Transcripts will not be released until all outstanding debts to the College have been satisfied.

For unofficial transcripts please email registrar@rmcad.edu with the full name while in attendance as well as either your student id number or social security number.

You can pay for your transcript order, if a cost is involved, with any major credit or debit card. Your credit or debit card is not charged until your school sends your transcript(s). However, if you use a debit card, your bank may put a hold on your funds when we pre-authorize your payment. If you have questions on the pre-authorization, please contact your bank. Order updates will be sent to you via email and, if you choose, text messages. You can also track your transcript order online.
The following may be required to order a transcript online:
A major credit or debit card
An email account
Your signed consent

Click the link below to request your transcripts

Order Transcripts